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Shop, Skate and Surf

“The …LOST woman is a gypsy by nature. Her spirit embodies the modern nomad with a passion for living and wanderlust. I wanted to provide her with pieces that are fashion driven but effortlessly integrate into her active lifestyle,” - said …LOST Head Designer Rachel Anne Rainwater.

The spring 2015 collection was inspired by the love of the sea and the bohemian spirit. This was apparent with the one-of-a-kind, original handmade prints, which play a prominent role throughout the collection and are featured on modal knits, eyelet baby doll dresses, jumpers, and rayon crepe kimonos with gypsy trailer graphics for the sea goddess in everyone. The entire spring 2015 collection was created to easily carry the …LOST customer from the beach to the streets.

Lost began in 1985 when Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends were into snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding at the Pipeline in Upland, and surfing in Dana Point. They were “team lost”. Thus the name …LOST scribbled on books, t-shirts, benches, tables and eventually clothing. Matt’s friends had been telling him for years to put the word Lost and his art on tees and try to sell them. By 1992, Matt began putting his art on T-Shirts with a …LOST logo. His roommate Mike Reola, a recent business school graduate, helped him handle the business side of things and they both worked on developing a plan to slowly grow and market the company with little or no money. Matt Biolos and Mike Reola, while running the company with partner Joel Cooper, continue to oversee every aspect of the business. Lost is one of the last privately owned and controlled surf and skate brands.

LOST and VOGUE offers Luxury Fashion at its best.
Sea Gypsies is a Bohemian trendsetter globetrotting community.  Gypsy Fashion – The ancient necklaces, wrist bands and anklets add to the clothing summer 2016.

It is not Love, Eat and Pray…..but…  Shop, Skate and Surf.

Surfing and sky skating both adventure sports on water and ice.  We shall set the fire on ice.  Water and Fire are strange bed fellows. If you heat the ice it will melt and become water.  If you heat the water it will evaporate.   The sea water forms the rain bearing clouds and the water rains down.

VOGUE is an International Fashion Magazine.  Vogue is published from India as well by the Editor-in-chief Anaita Shroff Adajania.

I was fascinated by the globetrotting community and had wanderlust since childhood.  The number of travelogue read by me authenticates my interest in Bohemianism and the community of Vagabonds.  Even Gypsies from Spain and local roaming nomad communities were observed with keen interest by me.  It was my passion to read travelogues and experience the feel of it since my childhood.  However, my passion for globetrotting was restricted to some extent by reasons beyond my comprehension. 

It is a major adventure to become a new age traveler and scale the length and breadth of land and sea.  I often watch the many episodes of travel Broadcasted by TV Channels and gain experience from it.  But nothing matters like actual travel experience in life as a Bohemian, Gypsy or a Wanderer.  After writing BLOG posts about “Bohemianism – A temptation for Vagabond” and “Avant-Garde, a subcategory of Bohemianism” which are available in my BLOG archives, I was more than thrilled to come out with an edition about Sea Gypsies or Ocean Gypsies. 

The Vogue Sea Gypsy Avatar:   Katrina Kaif, the Gypsy Goddess straight from Vogue India, Luxury Fashion Magazine June 2016 sizzles in the hot summer.  A golden mermaid takes a heavenly avatar in Vogue and a blonde wanders in the Californian deserted road to reinvent the LOST horizon.

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif with a British-Indi parentage sizzles on the latest Cover of Fashion Magazine Vogue June 2016. Set on a beach in Cebu, Philippines, Katrina donned several sizzling outfits at the beach. Styled by the Editor in Chief of Vogue India Fashion Magazine Anaita Shroff Adajania. 

Katrina Kaif Vogue Magazine cover is one of the hottest cover pages of Vogue.   For the photo shoot for the magazine she is styled by Anaita Shroff and Makeup by Bianca Hartkopf, Daniel Bauer. She’s wearing a multi-coloured sequinned number from Tom Ford, and the shoot is done on the beaches of Philippines.

Photographs featured in this Blog post has the fashion credits written on it like other than clothing…. the ancient necklaces, wristbands and anklets etc. 

Katrina is a regular VOGUE’s favorite Cover Girl.  She was on the cover of VOGUE India Fashion Magazine in September, 2015 and she has made it again in June 2016 as Sea Gypsy.  Katrina is undoubtedly VOGUE’s favorite pin-up girl.

Katrina is smoking hot in exotic locations in the photo shoot as Sea Gypsy.  She looks a billion dollar dream in the photo shoot and she would be undoubtedly drooled over by many.  

What a delightful eye feast!   The Indian Sea Gypsy fascinates the global community.

The LOST Sea Gypsies collection will be targeted in specialty stores throughout the world.
Product Categories -
Everything is all about the adventure for the Sea Gypsies women. No matter what she wears, she embodies the modern nomad with a passion for living and wanderlust. These pieces are compelling, easy to wear, and elegantly integrate into a free spirited, renegade lifestyle. Inspired by a love for the sea, this collection is a playful self-expression for the wild at heart.

Let us capture the spirit of Sea Gypsies by a Califronian musician - It’s finally here, my favorite season of the year – festival season. It’s time to pack up your festival summer pieces, grab your favorite “wearable” shoes, put on your Coachella wrist band (plus a million other jewelry pieces) and head out to the desserts of California for three solid days of amazing music and fashion. This year’s summer collection is inspired by my journey out to last year’s Coachella to gather inspiration before designing our now named “On the Run” summer collection. Being a musician, festivals and music are the axis in which many of my designs come to life here at Sea Gypsies. My trip to Coachella for inspiration really brought the festival to life in each piece driving a pure festival mood from the second my pencil hit the paper to design it. Festivals have always been a place to pull out your favorite pieces and dress up, so I wanted to give women a full collection of pieces that play out perfect right on through festival season.

Here is a sneak peek at our Easy Flow Dress from our Summer 16 “On the Run” collection and the beautiful campaign with Sarah Loven photographed in Joshua Tree California. Sarah Loven is a fashion photographer, gypsy soul and has wanderlust.  The release of the collection is right around the corner so stay tuned here on the LOST Blog for when the collection is live to purchase these fresh new threads.

 Let us read the experiences shared by a full time lifestyle fashion blogger.

“There are few places I’ve been where the coast is so colorful that I wonder if I’m dreaming. Laguna with its many beaches made up of tiny coves, blossom with color from flowers to cactus, to blue skies and turquoise waters. It’s a little slice of paradise that I just keep coming back to, eager to explore a different beach every time. I get a feeling of bliss from walking beneath the tall palm trees, and it’s the closet feeling to being on vacation I’ve had in months.

You may wonder how I could say such a thing when I’m constantly traveling from place to place! As much as I’d love for my career as a lifestyle blogger to be one big vacation, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve poured every ounce of myself into our beloved blog and business making a life out of what most deem a hobby. I’ve never ever been one to follow along with what people deem a safe and secure lifestyle. I never “got a normal job” or believed we all had to learn the same things the same way everyone else does. I especially didn’t want to spend all my precious time, either as a child or young adult, working towards a life I didn’t want. So naturally, I took off after my dreams the moment I had the freedom to. And I don’t give up easily when I start down the path towards my dream.

This is how far we’ve come, and the hard work never really stops. Full time travel means you never have a stable life. It’s as simple as that, really. And it’s definitely not for everyone.  But I want to stress the fact that I believe EVERYONE should travel, near and far, during their life. In this, one loses their self, and finds who they really are. Outside of influence from people you have spent your whole life around, outside of schoolmates and family who might stunt your growth as an individual by treating you the same throughout your life, and making sure you remember your “obligations, limitations, and proper place” so that you can fit neatly into their box and that of society’s. People constantly discourage you from taking risks or making investments into your future that go outside the norm, from fears based on the ones driven into them and those before them.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that being stagnant kills your spirit.

There are so many people in this world, that you CANNOT fail going after what you want! The illusion of failure is really all that exists. Because if something goes wrong, you learn from it and you keep on going. There is no end in sight when you have the freedom to just… keep… going. Chase your dream as soon as possible before it becomes too hard to get out of that cookie cutter life.

I’m always so grateful that as a child I was encouraged to chase after my passions. Because of that, I developed my photography skills at the age of 16 when I began that part of my artistic expression. I had also been writing poetry and books, and developing myself as an artist in more ways than one. It was because I got to experiment in my youth that I could discover who I was and what I truly wanted from life. I developed my passions and talents into what became my first job and actual career at 18 years old. It’s safe to say that because of my 10 years of experience and self teaching, I got the jumpstart on anyone who started down the same path later in life.

This is why I so passionately believe no one should ever stop chasing their dreams, and you should start as soon as you can. Let children and teenagers do what they love, and help them find that. Never let anyone scare you with that concept of failure, we are ALL failing on a daily basis, there’s nothing to be afraid of! If you fall on your ass, laugh at yourself. Even laugh with those laughing at you, but get back up and surprise the hell out of them when you keep on going and actually get somewhere. You really can, we human beings are capable of such amazing thing when we free ourselves from our own limitations and those of others, and just GO for it!”

I would like to present below an ocean gypsy’s lyrics:

“She knows she’s alone
And she is free”

The above lyrics summarize the whole meaning. Freedom and aloneness have gone hand in hand for a long time. But since “No (wo)man is an island” we still are involved and affected by others as we go through life no matter how free or alone you are or may think that you are at any point in your existence.

So the song is about those life travels, from casual acquaintance to true love drawn from the personification of nature and events as well as the relationship of humankind to the world as told in mythology.  Along with the longing for what we haven’t got in relationships or other parts of life and how getting what we want may not necessarily ease or stop the yearning.  A couple of similes that pop to mind are "Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it".

"You need to clear away the jetsam in your brain
And face the truth
Well love can make amends
While the darkness always ends".

After the successful BLOG posts of “Bohemianism – A Temptation for Vagabond” and “Avant-Garde – A subcategory of Bohemianism” (These Blog posts are available in my BLOG archives), I am encouraged to publish another similar Blog post “Sea Gypsies by Lost and Vogue – Wanderlust” in JOHNNY’s BLOG.

Before winding up this Blog post, I would like to post few more photographs of the Sea Gypsy Katrina at the Philippine beaches.  A travel and fashion blog really need more real photographs:




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